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Stoemp (“Stoump”) Stoemp is a popular Belgium dish. It consists of mashed potatoes mixed with one or more vegetables. It can be: onions and root, leek, spinach, broccoli, endive, peas or cabbage, flavoured with thyme and bay leaf. It’s traditionally accompanied with sausage, smoked bacon, country sausage or fried eggs but now it can also be accompanied with a steak or a horse filet.


Real traditional Stoemp from Brussels

Stew beef with beer 14,90€
Meatballs with tomato sauce 14,00€
Mix of sausages and bacon 12,00€
Pork chop 13,50€
Coutryside sausage 12,00€
Blood sausage 15,50€
Rabit with geuze beer 23,30€

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